Innova Power Solutions’ primary goal is to add value by responding effectively to client needs, keeping operating costs low, and striving to lead the industry with innovative and practical down-hole battery products and services. Innova Power Solutions is a UN Certified battery pack manufacturer and all Technicians are certified under the IPC Soldering Certification criteria, allowing Innova Power Solutions to set the highest quality and performance standards in the down-hole battery industry.




WATSON™ is a PC software application designed to download and display graphical data recorded from the battery pack logger during

down-hole operations.


WATSON™ transfers the stored information such as temperature, current, capacity and shock & vibration, from the SMART™ family of battery packs onto any computer. This information is displayed through visual graphs for easy to use operation.





Innova Power Solutions is proud to adopt and adheres to strict global safety standards. Safety is and always will be the top priority for us and we will continue to work hard with our customers to create a safe and reliable industry



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Learn more about Innova Power Solutions, SMART battery packs and Watson in this exciting video.





Innova Power Solutions uses the highest quality materials and assembly processes for manufacturing it’s family of SMART™ battery packs.


WATSON™ displays key information recorded when the SMART™ battery pack was beneath the surface. This information presented in a time series graph layout, is both easy to use and allows you to compare multiple data streams all with time and date information. Data can be zoomed to identify specific events to the minute.






High Temp Operation

150˚C / 160˚C / 185˚C



Lithium Cells: Electrochem, Engineered

Power, Exium & Tracer



Standard Battery Packs: Tensor, Blackstar,

Applied Physics, APS, Bluestar etc.



Custom Battery Packs

Built to Customer Specifications


All data collected from any SMART™ battery pack is indispensable when diagnosing a down-hole tool failure. SMART™ battery packs act as an independent third party source of information.



Displays all temperatures encountered by the

battery pack



Actual battery pack voltage is displayed. Battery strings condition can easily be identified.



Current draw is shown in detail. Tool performance can easily

be reviewed.

Pulse and Flow.


Tool flow line state and pulses are recorded

and displayed.

Shock and Vibration.


Shock events and RMS vibration levels are recorded. Potential damaging drilling conditions outside of normal are apparent.



Remaining hourly capacity in the pack is calculated, providing an accurate state of battery

pack condition.

It's what's on the inside that counts!


How a product is made is as important as how it functions.


Innova Power Solutions uses the highest quality materials and assembly processes for manufacturing it’s family of SMART™ battery packs. Sophisticated assembly verification procedures ensures every pack leaving our facility meets our strict standards of manufacturing.


Innova Power Solutions’ custom battery logger reside in every SMART™ battery pack.


Our custom logger has a hunger for knowledge, thirsting for what’s going on beneath your feet. It is constantly measuring mission critical information, providing insight to your down-hole environment including temperature, voltage, current, flow and pulse, shock and vibration and capacity



Innova Power Solutions custom builds each battery pack to suit your needs.


SMART™ battery packs are put through stringent functional tests to ensure they won’t fall short of customer needs.




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