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Innova Power Solutions designs and manufactures some of the world’s leading battery solutions for down-hole operations, and is focused on continuing to lead the trend for delivering mission critical down-hole information above ground.


Innova Power Solutions Inc. is a privately held, growth oriented Canadian company focused on creating and producing the highest quality down-hole battery products. To carry out this mission we have developed key business strategies which we use to manage our business and monitor product performance.


Innova Power Solutions’ primary goal is to add value by responding effectively to client needs, keeping operating costs low, and striving to lead the industry with innovative and practical down-hole battery products and services. Innova Power Solutions is a UN Certified battery pack manufacturer and all Technicians are certified under the IPC Soldering Certification criteria, allowing Innova Power Solutions to set the highest quality and performance standards in the down-hole battery industry.


Innova Power Solutions is the leader in supplying what no other battery pack manufacturer can, truly SMART™ down-hole battery packs. Innova Power Solutions’ exclusive SMART™ monitoring system provides our clients with critical data that is “must have” information for many of the worlds leading oilfield service companies.


These systems can be adapted to any down-hole battery and is available to other industry segments. The operational and economic value of these exclusive products has been proven all over the world, year after year and will enhance the effectiveness of every directional company’s operations. Quality design, Quality products, Quality service and Unequaled innovation is what your organization can expect from Innova Power Solutions.



Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Bay 8, 6025 - 12 St. S.E.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2H 2K1

Phone: (403) 207-5607 Toll Free 1-877-363-5607

Fax: (403) 274-9897 Toll Free 1-888-811-9897


Sales: Eric Hajduk

e-mail: erich@innova-power.com



Houston, Texas, USA



16639 West Hardy Road

Houston, Texas 77060


Phone: (281) 872-5100

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Sales: Barry Reed

e-mail: barryr@innova-power.com



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